Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy your jewellery?

There are several ways you an now purchase our products -Direct through the website by paypal, credit/ debit card -Pay by cheque, bank transfer. - also if you would sooner speak to some one over the phone

How big are the charms? Please not all sizes are approx. and charms can shrink 10% when fired.

Extra Small charms- Normal heart 1.5cm Modern heart 1.7cm tear drop 1.5cm circle 1.5cm oval 1.5cm

  Small charms- Normal heart 1.9cm Square 2cm Flower 1.9cm modern heart 2.2cm circle 2cm Dog Tag charm 2.6cm Dog tag keyring small 2.2cm tear drop 1.8cm

Medium charms- Circle 2.5cm Square 2.5cm Flower 3cm tear drop 2.5cm Dog tag charm 3.3cm normal heart 2.5cm Modern Heart 3.2cm

Large Charms- normal heart 3.2cm tear drop 3.2cm modern heart 3.7cm Dog Tag 3.6cm Rectangle 3.7cm Circle 3cm square 3cm

please note these sizes are only a guide though as all item are handmade and can also shrink 10% when fired All items are between 1mm and 1.5mm in thickness if you want to know about a specific item please email us

How long will my item take to be delivered?

Your kit, in order to take your print, will usually be sent within 1-2 days. On receiving your print back your finished product will normally posted back to you within 2 weeks. There are exceptions to this at busy times of the year eg. christmas.

What happens if i want my item quicker?

Please contact us first as we will normally be able to help

Are you able to fit adult or older childs fingerprints on to the jewellery?

Yes we can it is normally best to purchase a bigger charm (eg a medium sized necklace not small)

What happens if i am not happy with the fingerprint i take?

Dont worry we send enough to take at least a couple. If you are still not happy just contact us its not a problem we can just send one more lot. Unfortunatley after the charms are made we are unable to do anything so please ensure you are happy with the print and it is visble when sending it back as even if it is not visible we will still make this as a lot of our customers even though there little ones are 6 months still want the charm made to remember how little there fingers where . If you are not sure then please write a comment on the order form we are always happy to check and let you know if we dont think it is suitable.

Can i return my item?

As all items are personalised we can only offer a exchange if the item is faulty

Are items hallmarked?

No as they all fall below 7.78g, only items over this weight need to be hallmarked

Are items soldered?

Only our pandora charms are soldered, if you require your item to be soldered we can do this for a small charge of £3.50

I already have a handprint/footprint can you use this print?

That is not a problem you can just email it through to us if you have a scanner or post to Precious Little Prints, 4 the parslins, deeping st james, Peterborough, PE6 8NR

How long do i have to return my order form and kit?

All kits MUST be returned within 2 months.

I have taken my prints and i have a favourite print what shall i do?

If it is a handprint or a footprint you can cut your favourite print out or put a mark next to you favourite print. If you have a few favourite prints but some you dont want us to use send them all back put a cross through the ones not to be used.

If it is a fingerprint you can write on it in a biro once the compund is set.

I have taken my handprint/footprint can i fold the paper to put it back in the envelope?

Yes it is best not to fold over the print you want us to use though if possible.

I have taken my fingerprint but unfortunatley it has gone wrong?

Please email us and we will get another kit out to you . We will send one additional kit.unfortunatley if we have to send a third out(this is highly unlikely) we will have to charge £2.50

What is the difference between a normal and modern heart.?

The normal heart is a traditional heart shape and the modern heart is the wavy heart shape. Please see our gallery for examples

Can you solder my charm?

Yes thats not a problem. All pandora type charms are already soldered. If you want another item soldered they can be at a cost of £3 a charm. Just sent us an email when you have placed your order and we can invoice you.

what are the charms made off?

They are made of pure silver and sterling silver

Can I pay by credit/debit card?

Yes at check out select the option to pay by credit debit card. Or if you have a paypal account you can also pay by this method or we even except payment by cheque, bank transfer

What do your prices include?

Are prices include everything except postage which is added on at the checkout. It includes your kit posting your kit the return Sae, inscriptions on your choosen item.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for fingerprint jewellery?

We dont recommend it in children under 6 months as more often there little fingers havent got enough detail to see much of a print(if any sometimes). However this is not always the case some newborn babies even have a print. Although we say 6 months occasinally babies take longer to develop a defined print so check you mould carefully before sending it back to check you can see detail any you are happy with it. As the detail in the mould is what will show on the charm. There is no maximum age we can even do adults! Every piece of jewellery is totally unique so therefore will always differ from the pictures.

What type of bracelets are the pandora type charms suitable for?

They are suitable for pandora, Biagi, Chamillia, and Troll chain.

How will my product be laid out?

Each piece is indivually designed so may differ from the lay out shown. If you want you product to have to particular layout this is not a problem just put a note on the order form you will receive in with the kit.

How should i treat my jewellery?

To try and avoid it tarnishing it is best not to wear you jewellery when showering/bathing, swimming, sleeping and exercising. We highly recommend a product called talk town anti tarnish polish this will clean your item it costs approx £6 but will last you years. If you would sooner us clean your jewellery that is not a problem just contact us. We recommend you do not use silver dips though as this can remove the black we put in the names and handprint/footprints. As with all items of jewellery rings chain links etc can become open if caught on or not treated with care. We do use heavy jump rings to try and advoid it happening.So when you receive your jewellery please check your jewellery and email us with any problems within 7 days

Why should I order from precious little prints?

We have a lot of experience making fingerprint jewellery , unlike some companies. We have now been trading for over 7 years. All our feedback is real feedback from some of our customers we would love to put them all on the website but there is to many! We are not part of a franchise so have managed to keep our prices low while still providing good quality jewellery.